Monday, 4 May 2009

"Not turned out too bad"

In the cold wind and drizzle, somebody says "not turned out too bad", leaving me searching for an appropriate response.

Are they being ironic, and really mean that this is horrible? Are they trying to show how hardy they are, really meaning that they are capable of dealing with much worse? Or are they being stoic, really meaning that we mustn't let a little thing like weather get us down?

Their tone is neutral - they are giving nothing away.

My reply is "It's OK". Which I try to pitch somewhere between "I can also laugh in the face of adversity", "I can handle this just as well as you can" and "I'm sure the nice men in white coats will be along soon".

I'm not fooling anybody.


townmouse said...

They'd probably listened to one of the BBC's more apocalyptic weather forecasts, in comparison to which even cold grey drizzle suddenly seems OK

Chris Hill said...

I would be happier if the cold wind died down, but I want a lot more rain - my allotment is dusty. The local BBC weather forecaster (like most of them) seems to think rain is a bad thing. Britain is the green and pleasant land it is partly because it rains here. There's no such thing as bad weather, just a poor choice of clothes.