Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Recommended read

I've been lent a copy of "Slow Coast Home" by Josie Dew, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

It's about her 5,000 mile cycle ride around the coast of England and Wales (which puts my 300 mile trip into some perspective). 

It's the first time I've encountered Josie's writing, and I'm only 80 pages or so in, but it came highly recommended, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

The blurb describes the ride as "quirky", which hardly does it justice. Right from the start, her ride round the coast starts at 4pm in Hampshire, heading north towards Oxford. Later she quotes what she claims is a Chinese proverb, which captures something of the spirit: "If you don't change direction you will end up where you are going".

It's not really my style to be quite so spontaneous, but I can't help admiring her for it, and it certianly makes for a great read. 

But doesn't she carry a lot of luggage?

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