Monday, 25 May 2009

Fred Whitton Challenge

The Country Diary in today's Guardian is about the Fred Whitton challenge that took place a couple of weeks ago, on a 114 mile route that crosses the main passes in the Lake District. 

"It is not often that the summit of a Lakeland pass attracts a crowd, but two Sundays ago the tortuous road over Hardknott Pass was flanked by spectators basking in spring sunshine. There they sat on rocky outcrops that made informal terracing for an annual spectacle involving a thousand cyclists storming the heights. The occasion was the ninth 114-mile Fred Whitton Challenge, a "sportive" cycle event that must surely rate as the nearest thing to Tour de France hill-climbing in England, and taking in the District's most demanding passes - starting from, and finishing at, Coniston".

I may not find hills quite as daunting as I used to, but I still am in awe of anyone who takes part.

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