Friday, 29 May 2009

Think global, act local

Cyclestreets have introduced unique URLs for hundreds of different UK towns

As far as I can make out, there is no real difference from using the complete system, except that if I use the right URL, then the initial map is centred on my home town (my local version is It also tries to detect where I am, but it thinks I am in London. Which isn't quite right.

If I'm right about what is going on here, this is really just spin. But what the heck. It gives us an easy link to home. If it attracts more people to a useful site, and encourages us all to experiment with new routes, then it seems to me that the ends justify the means.


Shaun McDonald said...

The biggest advantage is that you can hand out a url to a local cycling group and it will show an appropriate area for what they are interested in, rather than being shown the whole of the UK.

Gregory Marler said...

"rather than being shown the whole of the UK"?!!!! It doesn't, it cuts off before Durham so I always have to cycle up when I use the main url.

If people upload photos then you can look at only the ones in your area, all categorised.
For example, in Cambridge there are 248 photos of problematic cycle parking and 27 photos of good signage. This was good when trying to get photos to encourage good placement ofracks for new buildings, I haven't looked at uploading photos myself yet.