Wednesday, 20 May 2009

New Sustrans web site

I have just discovered the new Sustrans web site. In my view the mapping is still not a patch on the OSM cycle map, but it is much improved.


Gregory Williams said...

Yes, the mapping is better, but still not as clear as OpenCycleMap. Interestingly there now seem to be some mistakes in Sustrans's underlying data for my area, which I'm pretty sure didn't exist on their previous site.

Chris Hill said...

The site is certainly much more responsive than the old one, but it is far from good. I have found a local error of the under-lying map sending people down a non-existent track. More generally problematic is that where two NCN routes share the same road only one shows up with the popup, even worse the route number and description sometimes get mixed up in these cases.
OpenCycleMap is already much better and it's not yet complete.