Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Thames Crossings

Rob Ainsley has put up a page for the Thames Crossings series that he's been blogging about on Real Cyclist. It shows all 33 ways of crossing the Thames with a bike, in the tidal section between Teddington and Tilbury.

What a brilliant idea. 

Presumably it can be adapted to any major river. At some point I can see myself organising another trip to Tyneside, but in the meantime I'll be adding this the list of things I need to find time for - once I complete this year's Jenkins quest.


Gregory Marler said...

Sounds interesting. I'm tempted to say I'll do a load of Wear crossings if you do Tyne crossings?

gom1 said...

That's a hard challenge to resist. But bear in mind that I am at the wrong end of the country, and I will have to fit this around a load of other stuff. So it could be some time before I can play my part.

I hope you won't wait for me. Go ahead, and start putting the pressure on. I look forward to seeing how it goes.

gom1 said...

This, I think is the list for the Tyne - a nice round dozen...

Status / Sequence Crossing
1 Shields ferry
2 Tyne tunnel
3 Gateshead millenium bridge
4 Tyne bridge
5 Swing Bridge
6 High Level bridge
(No access) Queen Elizabeth II Metro Bridge
(No access) King Edward VII Rail Bridge
7 Redheugh bridge
8 Scotswood bridge
(Out of use) Scotswood rail bridge
9 Blaydon bridge
10 Newburn bridge
11 Wylam bridge
12 Hagg bank bridge
Tidal limit