Friday, 1 May 2009

C&C day 4

The fourth day took me from Coldstream to Innerleithen, via Kelso and Melrose. It was the best weather yet - dry nearly all the way, not much wind, and sunny for most of the day. The only real exception was about ten miles short of my destination, when I had promised myself a break, and the rain started just as I approached a bus shelter. So I stayed in the dry for 20 minutes while the rain passed. As I covered the final leg, the sun came out again and it was a lovely end to the ride.

Towards the end of the previous day, the bike had developed an annoying click, which got worse as I travelled from Coldstream to Kelso. So I stopped at Simon Porteous cycles in Kelso and they kindly took a look at it, and fixed the problem. So far (touch wood) it's been the only problem, and it turned out to be not very serious.

The place where I stayed in Innerleithen had a folk evening in the bar. Excellent music, and excellent company, so it turned into quite an evening. Looking at the bar bill the following morning I deserved to feel much worse than I did.

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