Wednesday, 14 May 2008

A step away from world domination

According to Google analytics, this little blog has had a visitor now from every continent (except Antarctica). Almost 90% of the visits are from the UK, and 8% from the USA. Australia ranks in third place. I've had more than one visit from Brazil, Sweden, Germany, Hungary and Canada; but Finland, South Africa, India, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Netherlands and Estonia have visited once, without returning.

I haven't seen many comments in Estonian, and it wouldn't help much if I had. So it's difficult to know what all of my overseas visitors make of my ramblings. Most probably arrive by accident and disappear pretty quickly, but it is clear in the stats that a few stay to poke around for a while.

I suspect any kind of personal web publishing is a form of vanity, and I would be ashamed to admit how often I check the visitor figures. But it isn't really about the numbers. Even on this tiny scale, and after having played with this stuff for the best part of twenty years, this kind of global reach is still a source of wonder to me.

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