Saturday, 3 May 2008

Postcard from Delft

Last week my mother went to Delft with some friends, and sent us this postcard, using a stamp with a picture of a bicycle it.

It seems there is a club for people who collect stamps wth pictures of bicycles on them. For anyone who is interested, the "Bicycle Stamps Club" is here. The site has links to various lists of stamps of interest to members.

I see that there have been a surpisingly large number of stamps featuring bicycles (over 3,000 in the list I looked at). As one might expect there are more from the Netherlands than from anywhere else (193, or more than 6% of the total). It is gratifying, though, to find that Great Britain takes the silver medal, with 144 stamps listed, accounting for nearly 5% of the total. No other country features more than 100 times in the list - not even France.

I really must get out more.

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