Monday, 5 May 2008


A smidgeon under 28 miles today, trying to follow signs for regional cycle route 52 to the west, with about as much success as I had trying to follow them to the east on Saturday. It is clearly time for a rethink.

Anyway, once I gave up on plan-A, it was easy enough to pick up the "Round Berkshire" cycle route, which comes to almost the same thing.

After trundling round various parts of Wargrave, I used part of fully signed regional route 52 on the way home, then diverted through Hurley. Finally, I convinced myself that I could find a route from Bisham that avoided the steep climb from the Marlow bypass, on the A308 alongside Inkydown Woods. I was wrong, and for the first time I had to attempt a 60metre climb in 0.6km. I am mildly chuffed that I managed it without getting off and pushing. I couldn't have done that a couple of months ago.

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