Sunday, 18 May 2008

Today's route

This is today's route on Google Earth. Maidenhead is just out of sight on the right. I travelled anti-clockwise.

First I went westwards (diagonally from the bottom right of the image), then I turned north, and crossed the Thames near Hambleden. After working further north, the next left turn took me (more-or-less) westwards in a straight line through Turville, up the long climb to Christmas Common, then down a sharp drop into Watlington.

The first squiggle at the top of the picture shows where I explored Watlington. Then I worked southwest (horizontally in the image) to Ewelme, at the top of the circuit. There is another squiggle as I explored the village.

The rest of the route follows national cycle route 5 down to the bottom-left, through Caversham and Reading. There is a small loop where I lost my way.

I found it much easier to follow the route along the river Thames through Reading from West to East. Across the bottom of the picture I followed national cycle route 4 to Wargrave. Instead of continuing to follow route 4 (the more scenic way), I stayed on the A4 beyond Wargrave and tolerated the traffic for a faster journey home to dinner.

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