Wednesday, 7 May 2008


My efforts to trace regional route 52 have now been rendered on the OSM cycle map, and here it is. I reckon that Andy Allan has done a great job on this, and the number of marked routes is growing rapidly. My small contribution has been to tag regional route 52, which circles Maidenhead, and is marked in pale blue. National route 4 (which others have tagged) crosses just south of Maidenhead, and is marked in red.

Apart from getting to see countryside in its full glory at this time of year, following the local routes gives me a good excuse to get out on the bike and get some exercise.
At the moment it looks as though this just about covers route 52, and my next step in both directions will be to trace the "Round Berkshire" cycle route, as best I can. That should take me through Windsor to the east, and beyond Reading to the west.

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