Sunday, 4 May 2008

April roundup

Some good progress, and some disappointing progress this month - but mostly not a very impressive effort. I can blame poor weather, and pressure of work to some extent, but the truth is that I should be trying harder.

My total mileage in the month was 211 miles. That is significantly down from 285 in March, and 273 in February. My average trip is up slightly, from 13 to 13.2 miles, so the decline is mostly because the number of outings was down: from 23 in February and 22 in March, to only 16 in April. There was only one week in April when I managed to reach both of my weekly goals - of 56 miles and four outings. Even the number of postings on this blog is falling: from 34 in February, to 24 in March and only 20 in April.

Despite that, I am still keeping the weekly average distance high enough to stay on track for my annual goal of 2,500 miles. In April, I also managed my longest ride yet - of 56 miles. That means that for the first time ever I have ridden my imperial age. I have also reached all but one of the Jenkins churches that I am trying to visit on the bike by the end of the year. In the process my Eddington number rose to 15 by the end of April (and to 16 yesterday, on my first proper trip in May).

In total I have covered 876 miles this year, and am now theoretically heading for Florence on my virtual European tour.

The first priority in May is to get the monthly mileage back up to the distances I was managing to cover earlier in the year, which means maintaining the average trip length, while increasing the number of outings. My second priority is to increase average speed. I am still averaging about 8mph on a long trip, and it should be a lot more. If I am going to cover increased distance then I need to go faster.

Neverthleess, my waistline has come down a little bit, and I am feeling better for it all. The Maharajah is well - and so am I.

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