Friday, 13 June 2008

Weekly round-up

On Saturday I visited this year's steam rally near Stoke Row. It would have just about been possible to get there by bike, but it would have made a long day of it, and there were a few other things that needed doing.

So no cycling on saturday, but I managed to get out five times in the rest of the week, and covered 77 miles in total.

That includes almost 35 miles on sunday, a fast ten miles on monday, and a leisurely 17 mile trundle on tuesday.

In the process I have tried to patch up a few gaps in Open Street Map and so I have learned a bit more about local byways.

In summary, as far as the cycling goes, there hasn't been anything particularly notable about the week, and no records broken.

There were no wrecks and nobody drownded,
'Fact, nothin' to laugh at at all!

Fairly satisfying on the whole though, and I did buy my first pannier bag.

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