Sunday, 22 June 2008

The end of bike week 2008

I had intended to explore a bit more of the Round Berkshire route this afternoon. Nothing too ambitious, just a gentle meander around.

So I set off for Reading, intending to follow route 23 south until it joins the Round Berkshire route, then follow that back to Bracknell, and meander back home.

Three slight problems.

Firstly, I had seriously underestimated the total distance; secondly I had to battle a strong headwind on the way out to Reading, and thirdly I got lost, yet again, in Bracknell.

The result was that I got home late for dinner, exhausted, after covering nearly 60 miles. Despite what the sign says, I didn't get anywhere near either Bristol, or Newbury.

However, with the exception of the wind, it was a glorious day for a ride. It turned out to be an interesting route, with a lot of variety. I managed to tag a bit more of the Round Berkshire Route. I covered my imperial age for the third time. And I learned a bit more about my limitations.

I guess that adds up to a fitting end to Bike Week 2008.

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