Saturday, 14 June 2008

Round Berkshire

I've spent a few hours this afternoon trying to follow and plot the Round Berkshire cycle route from near Ascot to Bracknell. On the whole it's a good route, with some pleasant sections. Other sections, though, involve fast roads, and heavy traffic, so they are not for the faint-hearted.

However, the reference map is a bit vague, and some of the signs are a bit dated (as the picture is intended to show).

The result was that I kept drifting off route, and got hopelessly lost part way round Bracknell. This is not the first time I've got lost in Bracknell, so no doubt some of the blame lies with me. Just the same I'm convinced that somebody has been re-orienting some of the signs.

Bracknell is well provided with cycle paths, though, and I'll have to go back and try to pick up the right route another time.


Anonymous said...

Well I have just done the section of the Round Berkshire Route, at Bray, Cookham, Pinkneys Green, Knowl Hill.
I don't think I seen a single sign fot the route. It was ok since it seems to follow cycle route 52, which is well signposted.

gom1 said...

That's where I started (home turf) trying to follow Sustrans RCR52, and discovering that it petered out in Windsor. Sustrans seem to reckon that most of the Round Berkshire Route is not up to scratch, but have marked the bit you have covered, and the odd fragment in Eton and Windsor as RCR52. They are probably right - at least at this end of the circuit.

t said...

Its a bit disapointing really. I used a map that Maidenhead council produced, which shows some paths around the borough, without referencing the numbers of paths!
I also had a look at the Bracknell council production, and its even worse, in terms of detail. Its a pity really since it takes time an effort to produce these leaflets which look good but are of little practical use.
By contrast, Chiltern district council produce leaflets on 3 routes around the Amersham (Hampden, Milton and Harding) each about 25 miles, with detailed turn by turn instuctions, and mostly well signposted.

gom1 said...

I agree - it is disappointing, but it has been interesting trying to trace the round Berkshire route. It is not easy to follow from either the signs (many of which are missing or pointing the wrong way) or the map (which lacks sufficient detail). I have been adding what I find to the OSM cycle map, and I think it is pretty accurate now, though not quite complete. (the western end should be rendered tomorrow, if all goes well).

Please let me know what you think - and point out any errors you find.