Thursday, 5 June 2008

First service

This post is nothing to do with Wimbledon, which starts later this month.

I was supposed to take the bike back to Saddle Safari in Marlow for her first service back in March, but somehow never got round to it, and it was only yesterday that we went in for her to be checked over and generally tweaked. There were no real problems (apart from my failure to find a great big gate into the workshop at nine o'clock in the morning). But by the time I picked her up in the evening, they had adjusted things and she has come back in better shape than before. Changing gears is now much slicker than it had become, and the brakes are tighter.

I've not had much time for a really good stretch since, but I have managed a couple of short trundles, both on my standard short loop round the suburbs of Maidenhead.

In the process I've figured out how to use the GPS to race against myself. On the first circuit yesterday evening I averaged 11.7 mph (compared to about 10 mph last time I measured it) and on the second circuit this evening I averaged 12.3mph. Not a big difference, but at least moving in the right direction.

Now that I have figured out how to do this on a short loop, I will have to see how we manage on the longer, 10 mile loop.

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