Wednesday, 11 June 2008


The bi-directional opposing headwind is explained at Bikereader in an article about "Cyclo-math". (that's "Cyclo-maths" to you and me).

To paraphrase:

"A bi-directional opposing headwind (BDOH) ... is a 12-18 knot gale which is in your face on the ride out, and also on the ride back"

"A double-ramped hill (DRH)... is a road which poses a slight uphill climb in either direction, and cannot be coasted back down from either."

And "Cyclo-Math is an obscure branch of mathematics which describes phenomena which defy all known axioms of Newtonian Physics, and Relativistic Bicycle Mechanics."

It is such a relief to know that I wasn't just imagining hills that go up in both directions, and winds that are in my face whatever direction I am travelling.

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Michael said...

If it feels like the wind is always in your face, you must be going fast!