Sunday, 29 June 2008

On the train

Today I took the bike on the train to Newbury, then rode the 56 miles home, mostly along the Round Berkshire cycle route.

Bit, by bit I've now covered the Round Berkshire route from Reading, through Maidenhead to Windsor and Bracknell, then out to Newbury. Though not always in that direction. Today, as well as extending my tags to Newbury, I managed to connect up the gaps that I had left around Crowthorne and Bracknell (from when I got myself lost last time). For the first time today I managed to find my way round Bracknell without getting lost at all.

Since it was the train that had to battle the headwind on the way out it was quite an exhilarating ride back, helped by a fairly consistent following wind. With the wind behind me it was a lovely day: the rain threatened but never came to anything, and the sun was out by the time I got home.

Because I caught an earlier train than I expected, I had to hang around Reading station for nearly an hour waiting for the connection to Newbury, but once I arrived there the route itself turned out to be an interesting one. I pootled around Newbury a bit because it's been quite a while since the last time I was there. Then off I went past Greenham Common and Aldermaston, Arborfield Barracks, Finchampstead, Crowthorne, Bracknell, and so on.

It may just be my incompetemce robbing me of my metacognitive ability to recognise my limitations, but on balance I think I will forget Kruger and Dunning, and count today as a success.


Fat Lad said...

56 miles mate, thats very good going!

gom1 said...

Thanks - fourth time this year, though.