Monday, 16 June 2008


I've now covered more than 1,250 miles on the bike since January, which means that I've reached Rome on my virtual European tour, and I now face the difficult decision of where I should head next.

However, the more satisfying news this evening (in the real world) is that I've just completed my 10 mile Winter Hill circuit in just over 43 minutes, at an average speed of 14mph.

It's not a huge improvement over the 13mph that I've been doing on the same route for the last three circuits. But I reckon it is decent progress over the 10mph that I was doing on the same loop a few weeks ago.

Remember - I'm virtually in Rome at the moment. So I can't afford to rest on my laurels. It's going to be onward and upward to 15mph - at some point in the future. And onward, and upward to Berlin, I suspect, on my European tour.

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