Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Favourite blogs

I've just been told (by a less-than-independent visitor) that this is their favourite cycling blog. Very nice of them to say so, but it's time, I reckon, to widen their horizons a bit.

So here are some alternatives:

  • The Bike Show, for a consistently interesting and varied programme from Resonance 104.4fm
  • Bike Munky, Highway cycling group, or
    Fat lad for graphic descriptions of rides, spiced with wry humour. Sample quote: "He is a 45 – 50 year old gentleman easily 6’5” tall slender build riding with ease a bike he’s probably had for 15 years, dressed in casual shorts, t-shirt, no helmet, trainers & flat pedals. I am 27, only just 5’11” stocky build, daily commuter dressed in baggie’s, MTB jersey, Oakley’s, Helmet, cycling shoes & clip less pedals, 5 kg rucksack. Long seconds pass…. “Come on then!” He says and accelerates away cutting across my path. The next few hundred metres were me hanging on his wheel. Every move to pass was countered. He was quick and obviously has the experienced cyclist sense of something approaching you from behind." and as recently as this morning "I woke too late to bike commute the whole way into Salisbury, so I hauled myself into the shower, got into some trousers so enormous it was like wearing a tent, and prepared the Brompton for a sprint down the A361 to Trowbridge station."
  • Copenhagenize, Bicycles and Icicles, London Cycling Diary and Moving Target, because we are all different. Sample quote: "Last week, I happened across Philippe's Bicycle Repair.
    If you're ever in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, you should stop by.

  • The Titchfield Cycling Association for one of the world's great mission statements: "to seek out adventure and good beer using environmentally sustainable transportation..."

More suggestions always welcome (as if these weren't enough to illustrate the standard of material out there on the interweb).

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TCA said...

Thank you muchly for the mention!