Monday, 2 June 2008

Monthly round up

I'm a bit more satisfied with my progress in May than I was in April.

My total mileage for the month has been the highest so far, at 306 miles. The extra distance was not down to the number of trips (which was higher than in April, but lower than in February and March). It was more the result of longer outings, averaging almost ten miles each.

During the month I've pushed my longest trip up to more than 60 miles, and in the process I visited the twelfth of the list of outstanding English Churches that I was aiming to reach by bike during the year.

I'm still not making as much progress as I would like on my average speed over a distance, but I am on track to reach my target for total mileage over the year. I have plugged a few gaps in local coerage of Open Street Map; and I even improved the number of blog posts over the month (though the number of daily visitors remains pretty flat).

Generally I feel that I'm heading in the right direction, with plenty more room for improvement.

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