Friday, 1 February 2008

Winter Hill

I'm back from the last ride of the week. At just over 10 miles it brings the week's total distance up to 58 miles. Not very impressive compared to some, I know, but the furthest I've ever ridden in a week, and it means I've exceeded my imperial age in the first full week with the new bike.

I enjoyed this morning's ride. There was a very cold wind, but the sun was shining, and I had remembered my gloves so it was comfortable enough.

The first quarter of this route is a steady climb from home up to Winter Hill, and a good view across the Thames valley. This is part of a regional cycle route (52). Then there is a long downhill stretch through Cookham to the riverside at Maidenhead, and finally a few miles climbing back through the outskirts of the town to a hot coffee at home.

I should figure out a better route for the final stretch, but in the meantime it makes for a very pleasant hour (and a bit). Now I must really get on with that report.


Anonymous said...

You didn't say anything about your new bag.

gom1 said...

Maybe tomorrow, after I have tried it out.