Saturday, 2 February 2008

Go further

"Go further" said the bike, so today I braved the cold, and pushed it a bit, covering just over 38 miles. To be honest, it was more than I was ready for, but it establishes a number of milestones.

  • It is my longest ride so far - my previous record was just over 34 miles
  • It is the second time that I've managed to ride my metric age (the first was two birthdays ago, so the bar has risen)
  • It allows me to tick off one of Simon Jenkin's churches (more of this to come in future)
  • It takes me past 100 miles on this bike

Towards the end I was converting miles to kilometres in my head at one kilometre = 2/3 of a mile, because I knew I was close to reaching my metric age. As a result, I ended up doing an extra two mile circle around home to make sure I covered enough distance. Once I got home, I discovered that I only had to cover 0.62 miles for each kilometre, so I could have bailed out three miles earlier, and still reached my age in kilometres.

As it stands, I arrived home tired, but happy, and despite a hot bath, I suspect I'm going to feel the effects tomorrow.

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gom1 said...

In reply to a question: the whole route went east down the Jubilee river to Eton, then Datchett. North through Langley then along the Slough canal. North past Langley Park to Pinewood Studios. West past Fulmer to Farnham Common, then round Burnham Beeches to Hedsor and Bourne End. South through Cookham to Maidenhead.

On the map this should be about 30 miles, but I got a bit lost in Langley, and added a final loop at the end.