Thursday, 21 February 2008

Value of cycling

In 2007, SQW carried out an assessment of the economic value of cycling for Cycling England. It works out as 91p per trip.

This is made up of:

  • Increased physical activity reduces the risk of developing chronic disease and the risk of premature death: worth 21p per trip
  • Increased physical activity also reduces absence from work due to sickness: worth 10p per trip
  • Reduced inactivity and obesity reduces the costs to the NHS of treating asociated illness: worth 17p per trip
  • Substituting car trips with cycle trips reduces pollution: worth 11p per trip
  • Substituting car trips with cycle trips also reduces congestion: worth 32p per trip

At the current rate, I could calculate savings equal to the cost of the bike after about two years - as long as I ignored the fact that almost all of my rides are for recreation, on uncongested roads, and not a substitue for car journeys; and I've been bunking off work for a fair proportion of them over the last few weeks.

However, the health benefits alone are worth nearly 40p a trip to the government. I could, of course just give them 40p each time I feel like going for a ride, and save myself a lot of trouble. But then I'm not doing this to save the government money. So perhaps I won't.

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Martin said...

Why is it that the Independent and Guardian have motoring under 'living' or life & style, with the fundamentals such as food and houses, but cycling comes under 'environment as if it is purely a counter cultural choice and not a way of getting about?