Saturday, 9 February 2008

All Saints, Bisham

A beautiful day for a ride, with warm sun overcoming the frost that was still lying in shady areas at the end of the morning.

I managed to tick off another church on my Jenkins challenge.

All Saints, Bisham is in a lovely location, on the banks of the Thames, near Marlow. As usual there was no easy way to see inside: it needs an appointment to gain access. From the outside, most of the church looks Victorian, but the tower is twelfth century.

This is the nearest of the twelve churches on my list, at less than three miles as the crow flies. However, it is at the bottom of a steep hill from home. I avoided a harsh climb by following a roundabout route of almost sixteen miles, that took in Marlow, Bourne End and Cookham. In the process I discovered a more interesting way of getting from Marlow to Bourne End, that should prove useful in future.

It was a very pleasant way to spend Saturday morning.

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