Friday, 8 February 2008

Bunking off

It was a beautful day today, so instead of cracking on with work, I bunked off for a couple of hours, and took the bike to see St John the Baptist, at Shottesbrooke. It is a lovely location, in the grounds of Shottesbrooke park.

The church was built in 1337, with a spire supposedly based on Salisbury Cathedral. A local legend holds that the mason fell to his death from the top after celebrating its completion. Apparently the church contains wonderful medieval memorials, but I didn't have time to seek out the key.

On a prosaic level, the outing marks another step in my Simon Jenkins challenge, takes my total distance on the bike for this week beyond my imperial age (again), and leaves me with a couple of hours work that still needs to be completed at some point.

Well worth it.


Anonymous said...

One does not 'bunk off' from work. One pauses for reflection and deliberation. Look at it that way and you will be a happier person.

gom1 said...

That would work if I had reflected or deliberated, but I didn't I'm afraid. I just bunked off.