Sunday, 10 February 2008

St Michael the Archangel

Today I ticked off two more of the Jenkins churches: this one, in Warfield, and St James the Less in Dorney. Having visited Shottesbrooke on Friday, and Bisham on Saturday, I have now reached the nearest four of the twelve in the last three days, and five of the first six in just over a week.

So the challenge is off to a decent start, but none of the easy ones are left to visit. I have reached 40% of the churches, but I've only covered 20% of the distance, and only climbed 10% of the hills. The pace will now slow down considerably.

I had the route carefully worked out for today, at 21 miles in total, but for much of the time I was on minor roads that I do not know, so I ended up doing about 25 miles, by not checking the map carefully enough.

All in all though, I suspect I've had more fun this weekend than the Archbishop of Canterbury. He is being widely criticised for moving off safe ground, to engage with issues that appear too subtle for the press to handle. Thank goodness some people in public life have such courage, say I.

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