Sunday, 17 February 2008

Quaker meeting house, Jordans

Today's mission was to cross off another church in my Jenkins challenge. This time, the destination was the Quaker meeting house in Jordans. It was built in 1688, but suffered a serious fire in 2005, and is still undergoing restoration, so there is no access to the building.

I've now completed half the destinations in the challenge that I set myself, and around a third of the distance, but only a sixth of the climbing. There is only one relatively easy ride left, but today was another glorious day to be out on the bike: clear and sunny but cold, with a hard frost all morning.

They don't call these the Chiltern plains, and there were a few challenging climbs on the route I chose. One in particular defeated me, from Wooburn Green to Beaconsfield, and I got off and pushed for half a mile. It's not eactly Alpe d'Huez, but even the "proper" cyclists who were passing me had the grace to look as though they were working hard.

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