Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Advice to my brother

A week or two ago my brother bought a bike, and as I am aging earlier than he is, I feel obliged to offer him some advice.

He was quite a keen cyclist when he was younger, so there isn't much point in pretending that I have anything to offer in the areas of fitness, diet, equipment, technique, riding etiquette, route planning, safety, or crime prevention. What he doesn't know already about any of these, he can easily glean from the internet.

But there are a couple of pieces of advice that I reckon I should pass on:

  • Firstly, stop faffing about with the internet and go for a ride (and if you dont' have a good reason for going, invent one)
  • Secondly, if you aren't enjoying it, then you are doing it wrong (so figure out what needs to change, and fix it)
And that just about covers it, except that if you don't want the railings to be removed, you should find somewhere else to park your bike.

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