Friday, 8 February 2008

Statistics, with ball-bearings

In 2006, the value of the UK cycle market was £197.5 million. The market value rose 8% on the previous year, while the number of units rose by 12%. It is difficult to know exactly, because of gaps in the data, but the average unit price seems to have been roughly 5% down on the previous year at about £48. The figures relate to non-motorised bicycles and other cycles (with ball bearings) including BMX, mountain bikes, cruisers, racing bikes, tandems, monocycles, and delivery cycles.

76% of the market was supplied from outside the EU; 15% from the UK; and 9% from the rest of the EU.

All this, and more (including a 3% rise in the value of derailleur gears to £3million, at the same time as the weight fell 23% to 163,572 kilograms) from the Office of National Statistics.

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