Monday, 24 November 2008

Welcoming new visitors

The number of visitors to Tlatet has shot up over the last couple of days. Most land on a post from back in March about Arthur Eddington, and they generally arrive from a Wikipedia article which links here. 

Presumably all this is happening because the BBC broadcast a programme called "Einstein and Eddington" a couple of days ago, starring Doctor Who (or David Tennant, as he sometimes claims to be called).

To the new vistors, I just want to say "welcome". I hope you like what you find here. 

By the by, my Eddington number has now reached 30, which looks a bit more respectable than 11, which is where it stood in March. That's still a long way behind Arthur's achievement of 87, but then I haven't quite got round to proving Einstein's theory of relativity yet either.

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