Wednesday, 5 November 2008

2,500 miles

Back in January, when I got the new bike, I set myself the goal of covering 2,500 miles on it by the end of the year, and yesterday I reached 2,504. Fittingly, I passed the 2,500 mark on my favourite circuit,  somewhere near Winter Hill.

As with any decent goal, it was nice to reach the number, and good to do it ahead of plan. But in the final reckoning, it's only a number. All I really get out of it is a benchmark for the next test. So the question now is whether I will reach 3,000 miles.

The silly great spreadsheet where I record all this is predicting that, at the current rate, I will fall just short of 3,000 miles by the end of December. I must try to prove it wrong. 

All together now, and no havering...

But I would ride 2,500 miles, 
and I would ride 500 more,
 just to be the man who rode 3,000 miles...."


disgruntled said...

I am very jealous of your spreadsheet...

Martin said...

Congratulations, good luck with the next 2500.

Anonymous said...

I averaged 100km per week last year, so a bit over 5200km in the calendar year.
Warning, the Xmas/NYE period is a riding killer, and that's in the southern hemisphere were it's nice and warm. I hope you're not trying to reach the goal in the cold (ie. far North of the equator).

gom1 said...

5200 km = 3230 miles, so you are ahead of me. How are you doing this year? I suppose Southern England counts as far north of the equator, so I am trying to reach the goal in the cold (or rather damp at the moment). We'll see how it goes.