Saturday, 15 November 2008

Occupational hazards

There is a Samsung advertisement in this week's Economist that exposes my flawed perspective on the world. 

It shows a young woman bandaging the leg of a small deer, while a young man reads advice on first aid from a little gizmo with a flexible colour screen.

One of them appears to have arrived on a bicycle, which is parked just behind the woman.  According to the caption...

Flexible display technology allows compact mobile phones to have expandable displays as large as laptops. So getting real-time interactive first-aid instructions for a wild animal at a moment's notice beomes a real possibility. 

I can't help feeling that my reaction ought to be: "Ah...., look at the sweet little deer, having its leg bandaged, thanks to those nice caring people at Samsung". Or perhaps, "Wow, I really want one of those cool gizmos with a flexible screen from those clever people at Samsung (that will encourage blondes that care for small animals to take an interest in me)".

But what I actuallly thought was "I wonder how big the potential global market is for providing cyclists with interactive real-time veterinary first-aid advice on flexible screens attached to mobile phones?

Scary reaction, but I'm afraid that it's a bit too late for a career change now.


Paul said...
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Paul said...

My first thought was that if he hadn't been talking on the phone he wouldn't have ridden into the deer and broken it's leg.