Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Simple pleasures

Nothing much happened on my ride last night, and nothing much happened the night before, but today I set out a bit earlier. So although today's ride also ended in the dark, it began in the dusk - on quiet country roads. 

In the first five miles I passed a large bonfire in the corner of a field, and felt the warmth as I went by, along with the wonderful smell of burning wood. Earlier I could hear a shed full of turkeys gobbling away on the other side of the valley. Later a fox ran across the road a few yards in front of me.

Yesterday, on another planet, the Commons Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee grilled the Chairman and Director General of the BBC on the return of Jonathan Ross to the airwaves, and today John Sergeant quit Strictly come Dancing

I imagine some future historian trawling the archives, and wondering why I have said little about such turning points in European history. Perhaps I am odd, but on my planet, a bonfire, a fox, and some turkeys are more interesting.

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