Thursday, 27 November 2008

Muslim Ladies' Cycling Club

According to this article in today's Times, increasing numbers of Muslim women in East London are "riding into new cultural territory" with their cycling club. They sound like a great bunch of people, and the article is charming. It also  raises all sorts of interesting questions about the way people react to this sort of thing, and about how we react to those reactions.


bruce89 said...

Sounds like a title of a Alexander McCall-Smith novel.

Nick said...

It would never occur to me that seeing a woman in a hijab riding a bike might be unusual, or newsworthy. Where I live I see it every day.

Anonymous said...

That is so cool[:
I wish there was a Muslim women cycling club near me!

I'm obv Muslim, and while not a hardcore cyclist, I do love my hybrid bike and use it for school most days and getting groceries for the mom.

It's either fun/frustrating getting all the surprised and confused looks from people who are simultaneously trying to look open-minded.
I guess it depends on my mood.