Monday, 1 February 2010

Glass half full

One month of the year is over, and so far I've covered 211 miles on the bike. That's more than at this time last year. Come to that, it's more than at this time the previous year, though two years ago I'd only had the bike for a few days, so it doesn't really count.

I've only done five trips in January, but three of them have been over 60 miles. That's far enough to be over my comfort level, but it hasn't had a big effect on my Eddington number yet. It does mean that I'm banking some trips that should be useful later in the year though. I've also ticked off visits to four of the churches that are on this year's list of fifteen to visit on the bike.

All that's on the positive side of the scales. On the other hand, if I'm going to reach my annual target I've got to average nearly 300 miles a month, so there's a bit of a gap building up. Also, I've not added anything significant to Open Street Map yet this year (all the routes that I've ridden in the last few weeks had already been added).

Last year it was at this point in early February that things began to drift off-plan, and it took me a couple of months to get back on track. So while I'm not unhappy with how things are going at the moment, the next few weeks are going to be telling.

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