Sunday, 21 February 2010


I'm always a bit surprised about the degree of fervour around browser preferences. I mostly use Chrome at the moment, but  I switch around a bit. Each has strengths, but for most purposes I can't see a lot of difference between them.

Apparently Internet Explorer is still the most widely used, accounting for around 60% of traffic. Firefox is second with almost 30%, then Chrome and Safari have around 5% each.  Opera, and the others make up the remaining few percent.

By contrast Firefox represents 48% of the traffic here, followed by Chrome with 24%, IE with 17% and Safari with 5%. The others make up the other 5%. My visits will be bumping up the Chrome figure a bit, but even allowing for that there's a distinct preference among Tlatet readers for the market challengers over the market leader.

It's an open question though whether that means we are more sophisticated, more free-thinking and independent, or just pig-headed.

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Anonymous said...


Just to help you understand the fervour around browser preferences : this has nothing to do with users, it concerns web designers.

Old browsers like IE6/IE7 are still in use by a lot of people. But these browsers do not render the HTML/CSS code properly. Thus, web designers spend less time to make a simple site than for hacking it to fit in fancy browsers.