Monday, 18 August 2008

Shiny new pedals

After getting rid of the slack on the old pedals, stopping the click, then losing the dust cap on the subsequent outing, I went to get replacement pedals from the local bike shop on Saturday. I fitted them on Sunday morning, before embarking on my long weekend ride.

It turned out to be much easier to replace the whole pedal than to make adjustments. So now the bike is blinged up with shiny new pedals.

It's not a very big bike shop, but they still had a wider range of pedals than I expected. The assistant said that there wasn't much to chose between them, and I could see no rational way of making a decision, so in the end I followed much the same principle as chosing a bottle of plonk. I picked something at random from the bottom half of the price range, avoiding the cheapest.

Perhaps I should have been a bit more scientific, but they seem robust, they were easy enough to fit, they go round and round like they are supposed to, and there were no ill-effects after a long ride. So I guess they do the job.

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