Monday, 25 August 2008

Early warning system

There were not many cars on the country lanes yesterday, but it was odd how many of them sounded their horns as they came up behind me.

On the busier roads near home, when somebody does that it normally turns out to be young lads in a hatchback, who seem to think they've just invented a huge joke. On the quiet roads in West Berkshire, it always seemed to be an elderly couple in a small family car.

I am pretty sure that they were sounding the horn to let me know that they were behind me. What they obviously don't realise is that on a quiet country lane, a cyclist can hear a car coming from a long way back, and I was probably aware that they were there long before they knew I was there.

In any case, I put it down to some considerate, but rather unneccesary behaviour. On the other hand, perhaps I have been misjudging those thoughtful young lads in hatchbacks, kindly looking out for the well-being of a grey-haired cyclist.

1 comment:

disgruntled said...

Or indeed, you've misjudged the elderly hoons out hellraising, trying to put the willies up the defenceless cyclist...