Sunday, 31 August 2008

Optional extras

In addition to the main circuit of the Round Berkshire Cycle Route, there are a number of extensions that provide either an alternative route, or a link to some point of interest. Now that I have tagged the main route on Open Street Map, the logical next step is to tag the extensions.

So yesterday I set out to mark up the alternative route round Bracknell, circling the town to the north, rather following than the main route, which circles Bracknell to the south. As usual with this circuit, the map gives a general idea of the route to take, but it is not easy to follow in detail. On the main circuit there are supporting directions, and signposts on the road, but on the alternative route, there is only the (rather vague) map as a guide.

So, while I think I managed to follow the route, I am far from certain. As a result I cannot confidently mark it up, and I think it will have to remain unknown to OSM - at least until I can think of a way of firming up exactly which roads to follow (any suggestions would be gratefully received).

It's a shame, because it turned out that it isn't a bad way to get from North Ascot to Crowthorne.

I covered 43 miles in total, on quite a warm day, drank a lot of water, and certainly enjoyed myself - apart from the puncture I got at the most distant point on the ride. But more of that later.

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