Sunday, 31 August 2008

Fine and mellow

Most links to this site come from other recreational cyclists, and I've recently been honoured with a link from the Planet OSM aggregation site, so there is a certain pressure to keep posting entries about my cycling and mapping efforts. I am grateful for the links, and of course my cycling efforts are gripping, and worthy. But there is more to life. So on a different subject altogether, here is a reaction to an article in today's Observer, titled "The 50 greatest arts videos on YouTube".

No doubt the intent was to be controversial, and encourage debate, but what an odd choice! To pick just one example, they recommend Billie Holiday, singing "Strange Fruit", which is very conventional, and hardly Billie Holiday at her best.

I much prefer this, with Billie, Lester Young and others. Seven minutes of music to make your toes curl.

(To be fair, the list also included Karajan conducting Beethoven's 5th, which is pretty impressive music and film making).

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