Saturday, 2 August 2008

July roundup

Inappropriate weather, a weeks holiday in Suffolk, and a more relaxed approach hasn't done much for the mileage in July.

My total for the month was only 177 miles, compared to 313 in June, and a monthly average of 261 since the end of January. It's my lowest monthly total since I got the new bike at the end of January.

Fewer trips, and shorter trips have both contributed to the drop in total distance, but the crucial difference is that I've not done any really long trips since the end of May.

I try to cover more than 56 miles each week, and I try to get out on the bike more days than not (at least four times a week). Unfortunately I am achieving the weekly mileage goal only 70% of the time, and the four trips goal only 63% of the time.

The more positive slant is that the year's total distance continues to creep up, and now stands at more than 1,600 miles. Although my weekly average has been falling through July, it remains above 60 miles a week. I'm still on track to pass 2,500 miles by the end of the year, and my Eddington number is up slightly - to 21. The level of activity on this blog is also increasing. (I'm not sure when it appeared, but astoundingly, a link to an earlier post is now included as a reference on the Wikipedia article about Arthur Stanley Eddington, and visitors started arriving from there in June).

Overall this month's performance has been disappointing in the face of difficulties, but all is not lost; the general plan remains on track and barring accidents, by the end of the year, with a bit of effort, I should end up where I want to be.

I doubt if everyone holidaying in Suffolk this year could confidently make the same claim.

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