Sunday, 27 April 2008

Following R52

Only about 30 miles in total this weekend, but two very pleasant rides, following regional cycle route 52 to the south-east on Saturday, and to the west on Sunday.

Regional route 52 is fairly well signed, but I can't find any reference to it other than the signs out there on the road. After following them, I've tagged the relevant ways on Open Street Map. By the middle of the week the changes will have been rendered, and I can have a look at the cycle map to see how it turned out.

There was an almighty thunderstorm this morning, before I left, but while I was out the weather was fine. Both routes were fairly straightforward to follow, although I'm a bit confused about a couple of parts, and I will have to revisit to join up the dots. Yesterday was the easiest riding, and today involved a few steeper climbs. The route took me over some roads that were new to me, as well as some familiar roads from a different direction, and the bluebell woods near Burchett's Green were a major bonus. They should be looking even better by next week.

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