Sunday, 27 April 2008

Class struggle

Last week I provoked quite a reaction from an American friend when I described myself as "middle class". He equated this with describing myself as "middle income" which is not the same thing at all: at least from an English point of view.

Sadly, it looks as though I have failed to make the Sunday Times Rich list yet again this year, but then I don't see income as a very important factor at all in social class. I suppose career choices play some part, but it seems to me that the way we see social class has more to do with family background, education, lifestyle, and so on.

Thankfully, it's hard to see any link between social class and cycling. At least I can't think of any way that encompasses bike messengers, David Cameron, Alan Bennett, Vicky Pendleton, and all the different kinds of cyclist that I come across on the roads.

However, we were discussing all this as we drove past Sainsbury's to do the weekly shop at Waitrose - and that probably says more about us than we would like to admit.

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