Saturday, 26 April 2008

Weekly roundup

Not too shabby an effort this week at 61 miles, after a rather pathetic 31 miles last week. The better total was mainly down to a ride of over 40 miles on sunday to reach the 11th church in my list, which was then supplemented by three shorter rides during the week. Given the improving weather, it might have been more, but I had meetings in London on a couple of days, which pretty much wrote off any chance of getting out on the bike on Thursday or Friday.

However, being in London on Friday meant that I could meet up with an old friend ("old" in the sense of "long-standing", I hasten to add) who is a keen cyclist, and offered his support in attempting a century later this year. It's a daunting, but tempting prospect, and I can't quite believe that I am giving it serious thought.

There seem to be astonishing numbers of cyclists on the street in London. It's hard to tell whether that's just because I am noticing them more than I used to, or because the number really is increasing. I guess a bit of both. It almost justifies this chirpy clip of Lily Allen.

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