Friday, 4 April 2008

Weekly roundup

This is Summerleaze footbridge, crossing the Thames between Maidenhead and Windsor. It is here to mark one of my standard routes from home to Windsor and back; following the Jubilee river outwards, and following the Thames back.

I took this route on Sunday, after a more imaginative trip to Lower Missenden on Saturday. In the rest of the week I've just done short suburban trundles. The whole adds up to just over 70 miles, which is a little bit higher than my weekly average, and comfortably above ny weekly target, but nothing very exceptional.

Looking at the log over the last couple of months, it turns out that I'm pretty good at getting out on the bike on Saturdays (nine out of ten opportunities), but not so good on tuesdays (six out of ten opportunities). On other days of the week, I manage to get out 70-80% of the time. At the moment I can't see why there should be any particular rythm to this (it is made up of individual decisions based on weather and other commitments) but I will be watching to see if a pattern develops over a longer period.

Meanwhle, the deadlines at work are easing off a bit, so if weather permits, I should have bit more scope for more ambitious trips. However, if the weather stays unpredictable, then it's just a case of grasping as many opportunities as possible to clock up the trips and the miles.

Spring is definitely arriving, but at least as far as this weekend is concerned, the conditions look less than perfect. We shall see what we shall see.

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