Sunday, 9 March 2008

Squirrel: may contain nuts

We visited the farmer's market this morning, and saw this on one of the stalls.

This afternoon I did 30 miles on the bike, looping round Wargrave, Henley and Marlow.

Not so long ago, 30 miles would have been a major expedition. It is a sign of progress that it no longer feels like a massive challenge. Nevertheless, it was very pleasant. The weather stayed fine, apart from a brief, light shower just after I had set off. Thankfully I decided to press on; the sun came out, and for once the wind seemed to be pushing me along as often as it was pushing me back. There were quite a lot of other sunday cyclists around, and today they didn't all seem to be passing me.

I reckon it was a pretty good way to spend a sunday; and thankfully we've got roast pork (Gloucester old spot) to look forward to for dinner - not squirrel.

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