Friday, 21 March 2008

Making a bicycle basket

This is a video of David Hembrow doing just that.

His web site is here. Apart from pictures of all sorts of different baskets, I particularly like the link to other suppliers / cheaper baskets. As he points out, "not everyone wants to pay for a top quality basket...".


David said...

Fantastic! That site is a great find, I was despairing of finding a really good range of bike baskets from anywhere, they all seemed to be the same type, front loading. You've opened up a basket utopia to me at the very time I needed it (about to rebuild a bike for my wife, she has a diamondback mtb currently but it's too aggressive for pootling, someone has given her an old hybrid, but it needs some TLC... and a basket!)
Thanks, and great blog.

gom1 said...

Thanks for the comment David, and good luck with the rebuild - let us know how it goes.