Friday, 28 March 2008

Roundup of the week

Despite the crummy weather this has ended up as a reasonable week for cycling. For the first time, I have managed to get out on the bike every day (though, to be honest, today was a bit of a token gesture with only a couple of miles in gusty wind, mostly to put something on the board).

Overall, I've covered more than 75 miles in the week, which ranks as my second highest weekly mileage this year. I'm now somewhere near Bourg en Bresse (north of Lyon) on my virtual European tour. Bourg en Bresse marked the transitino from Stage 6 to Stage 7 of the 2007 tour de France. Oh, and during the last week, this blog has welcomed its first visitors from Sweden and South Korea.

The nicest trip in the week was an evening trundle around Cookham and Bray on thursday, with little wind, and some lovely light. The longest was a slog through driving wind, rain and worse on monday, which was mainly memorable as an exercise in grit and determination.

The weather forecast for the coming weekend is best described as "unpredictable", but I hope to get out a couple of times. Regardless of how the next few days turn out, after a couple of lean weeks, the graphs are starting to look a bit healthier. In a few days it will be the end of March, the clocks will spring forward, the current deadlines at work will either have been met, or missed, and we can look forward to a bit more progress.

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